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# Alarm Installation
# Access Control
# Alarm Monitoring
# Data Installation
# Digital CCTV
# Electronic Perimeter Protection
# Evac Systems
# Guards
# Medical Alert
# Network Installations
# PSTN Line Installations
# Security Responses
# Security Patrols
# Smoke Alarms
# Optical Fibre
# Electronic Automated Fire Protection

Access Control
Access Control is the management of restricted access. It involves issuing access devices (proximity cards, fobs, remotes, etc) to every person who is authorised to enter the premises. Proximity card readers and electronic locking devices are then installed on all restricted access paths and the system is then programmed to allow the entrances, times and rules of entry for each authorised holder.
This information is then distributed to the various door, elevator and control panels to enable access to be granted to authorised holders on presentation of their cards.

Many institutions through out the world benefit from access control through:

# Restricted public access to the premises, thus reducing the opportunity for theft, fraud and increasing staff safety.

# Improved management of occupational health and safety risks associated with hazardous areas.

# Records of movement available from the access control system.

Firesec Solutions (FSS) is able to design an access control solution for almost every possible application; from small standalone single entry points to fully integrated systems comprising hundreds of access controlled doors, elevators car-park booms, electronic gates.

We are able to provide solutions that fully integrate the latest technologies, including smart card, proximity card , key fobs and a selection of biometrics readers including finger, iris

Alarm Systems

Intruder Alarm Systems are designed to detect the presence of unauthorised persons within your premises and initiate a number of responses. These include local audible sirens to deter the intruder and back-to-base monitoring to initiate a designed response plan.

The benefits of an intruder alarm system include:

# Peace of mind that your property is protected when unattended

# Emergency assistance is available when a duress button is activated (Hold Up, Medical & Fire)

# Onsite sirens may deter intruders from continuing their activities

# An approved intruder alarm system may entitle you to reduced insurance premiums

Commercial and Integrated Alarm Systems

Firesec Solutions (FSS) provides you with the right advice for your commercial premises, whether it is residential or a place of work, office, factory, warehouse or multi-storey building.

Information at your fingertips
Closed circuit television (CCTV) systems consist of cameras, recording and display devices connected on a closed network. Various types of cameras may be used to capture video footage under varying lighting conditions. Some cameras are designed to be stationary and provide fixed views, while others can be remotely positioned by an operator to provide a specific view, using pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) controls. Video footage from multiple cameras can be recorded on digital storage devices or displayed live through the system by an operator, to enable a quick assessment and response.

Benefits of CCTV:

# Enables a single operator to view and manage large or multiple sites from a central location

# Captures a reliable recording of events, which can be used by law enforcement officials as evidence.

# Specialised cameras enable visibility in difficult lighting conditions, by utilising the infrared technology.

# When using CCTV it enables potential OH&S and Workplace Safety incidents to be identified and addressed.

Digital video takes CCTV into an IT environment, enabling the system to function over LAN, WAN or Broadband (Internet), providing remote vision of the location and enhancing surveillance capabilities.

Firesec Solutions (FSS) is able to tailor a CCTV solution for almost every possible application, from small standalone single cameras to fully integrated multi-camera, multi-sites with hundreds of cameras.

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