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The NSW Police Force has recently written to all alarm monitoring centres to

advise them of important new guidelines when requesting police attendance to

alarms (see accompanying Schedule.)

This initiative is designed to help focus available police resources on attending

genuine/potentially serious incidents. NSW Police Force alarm response

guidelines can be broadly summarised as follows:

1. NSW Police Force policy is, in the main, to respond to all reported ‘holdup’

alarms deploying warning activation devices.

2. A reported ‘hold-up’ alarm must: (A) relate to a Schedule 1.1


security activation device that can only be triggered by two

deliberate independent actions


and (B) must have installed a purpose manufactured(in order to avoid accidental

3. Any monitoring centre that reports ‘hold-up’ alarms to NSW Police Force

and fails to comply with the above two specific requirements will be in

breach, and will risk prosecution by NSW Police under Section 474.18 of

Criminal Code Act 1995.

4. NSW Police Force will respond to Schedule 1.2 & 1.3 reported duress

alarms that the monitoring centre believes are genuine. However:

5. All other alarms (e.g., all Schedule 2) must be verified

police, typically by a phone call to the premises or emergency contacts,

remotely monitored video verification, or by customer or mobile patrol

visual verification. Otherwise:

6. Police response to all other reported alarms other than Schedule 1.1

alarms will be to prioritise and attend as and where possible based on

workload at the time, and not deploy warning activation devices.

7. Police will also

alarm) unless the name of the nearest cross street is provided.

While NSW Police Force is aware and mindful of legal and operational

complexities resulting from monitoring centre/bureau relationships, they will not

accept these as justification for ongoing non-compliance.

before callingnot respond to any reported alarm (including a ‘hold-up’

ASIAL strongly recommends that members advise their commercial

customers to install compliant hold-up activation devices as soon as

possible if they believe they fall within the Schedule 1.1 hold-up alarm

response category.

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